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Dreaming and Idealism in Plato and Vasubandhu

Joachim Aufderheide

Epistemic Ideals and Moral Transformation

Amber Carpenter

Self-knowledge and Cultivation: On the Reflexive Roots of Personal Identity

Christian Coseru

Cultivating Mental Unity in Greek Platonism and Buddhist Path Literature

Michael Griffin

The Philosopher Returns to Saṃsāra: Reading Śāntideva’s Guide alongside Plato’s Republicon Wisdom and Compassion

Stephen Harris

Beyond the Ineffability Paradox: Discursive Accounts of the Non-discursive in Plotinus and Bhāviveka

Pierre-Julien Harter

Production and Dependence in Plato and Vasubandhu’s Discussions of Causation

Rachana Kamtekar

Predication and Unity in Plato’s Parmenides and Nāgārjuna’s Mūla-

Paul Livingston

Becoming, Intrinsic Being, and the Road to Relativism

Sherice Ngaserin Ng

Are There Several Ways in the Middle? Plato’s Ontological Scale at the Mirror of Nāgārjuna’s Mūla-

Alexis Pinchard

Socrates and Śāntideva: Compassion, the Prudential Principle, and Philosophy in Plato’s Republic and Śāntideva’s Bodhicaryāvatāra

Sara Ahbel-Rappe

Creativity in Harmonising Complex Persons. Plato’s Rulers of Wholes and Śāntideva’s Flexible Bodhisattvas.

Chiara Robbiano

Knowledge and Pleasure in Tantric Buddhism and Plato

Shalini Sinha

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