B uddhist-Platonist Dialogues brings together thirteen international scholars for philosophical discussion of questions arising from putting Platonist and Buddhist traditions into philosophical conversation with each other. Participants have expertise in one tradition, and a serious interest or familiarity with the other. Since September 2019, the Buddhist-Platonists have met regularly to pool our various expertises, engaging critically with texts and topics as we identify and make more precise points of fruitful philosophical exchange.

Our practice is to approach the general through the particular: that is, we develop conceptual tools and a practice for moving between two philosophical traditions in a way that takes each seriously and aims at philosophical illumination; and we do this by engaging in specific philosophical questions, drawing on particular texts and concepts, sharing strategies for reading and doing philosophy with classical texts available within each tradition.

To present their findings, the Buddhist-Platonists will be meeting for a two-part conference in 2021 on the following dates: 12–14 August 2021, and 18 September 2021. See here for each participant’s paper title and abstract.